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“Move ‘n’ Roll Beyond Barrier” Floor Curling Competition sets SDG World Record of fostering inclusiveness among people of all ages and abilities

世界紀錄 全城實踐老幼及傷健共融


主禮嘉賓財政司副司長黃偉綸先生 (左三)、市建局行政總監韋志成先生 (右三)、香港地壺總會會長呂文輝先生 (左一) 、香港遊樂場協會主席單日堅先生 (左二) 、2020東京殘奧香港羽毛球銅牌得主陳浩源先生 (右二),以及可持續發展世界紀錄官方認證人鍾善恆先生 (右一) 見證「全城躍動.地壺共融」活動成功打破SDG世界紀錄。

Officiating guests at the closing ceremony, HKSAR Deputy Financial Secretary, Mr Michael Wong (third from left); Managing Director of URA, Ir Wai Chi-sing (third from right); Chairman of Floor Curling Association of Hong Kong, Mr Benny Lui (first from left); Chairman of Hong Kong Playground Association, Mr Sin Yat-kin (second from left); Badminton Bronze Medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Mr Daniel Chan (second from right); and Official Adjudicator of the SDG World Records, Mr Gabriel Chung (first from right) witnessed the four-month “Move ‘n’ Roll Beyond Barrier” floor curling events being concluded successfully by achieving  SDG World Record.


市建局行政總監韋志成先生(右)獲可持續發展世界紀錄官方認證人鍾善恆先生(左)頒發證書,確認「全城躍動.地壺共融」活動成功打破SDG世界紀錄,並由財政司副司長黃偉綸先生(中)一同見證。 URA Managing Director, Ir Wai Chi-sing (right), receives the official SDG World Record Certificate from the SDG World Records Official Adjudicator, Mr Gabriel Chung (left), under the witness of Deputy Financial Secretary, Mr Michael Wong (centre).


「全港慶回歸地壺盃」促進跨界共融,連繫社區。 The Floor Curling Fun for All Cup Final fosters social inclusion in the community.


「全港慶回歸地壺盃」勝出隊伍。 The overall champion at the Floor Curling Fun for All Cup Final.


今日出席地壺活動的參加者均全情投入、樂在其中! Participants of the floor curling event showed enthusiasm and fully enjoyed the game!

Floor Curling Association of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Playground Association


The Record Supports SDG 10

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