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World Record Certificate Addresses Challenge

Challenges in  Building Sustainability/Social Brand Equity

What is an aim

  • The SDG World Records is a system that recognises the impact of sustainability/social projects and communicates this to the mass market in an easy-to-understand way.

What is the SDG World Records

  • Becoming a world record holder can create a sense of ownership towards building a sustainable future for a business’ customers, and displays (via marketing such as an official certificate, record holder logo and unique eCertificate URL<eCertCode>) not only their commitment to sustainability, but their contribution to philanthropy and socially responsible investment.

What are the objectves

  • Increaing Sustainability/ESG Brand Equity.

  • Co-Creating Sustainability/ESG Impact with Stakeholders.

  • Simplifying complex impact evaluation

What are the benefits

  • Provides a simple, comparable tool for measuring sustainability and social impact .

  • Increases external communication with community investment alignment and brand renewal.

  • Globally recognised social impact measurement framework for all organisation sizes.

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