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Criteria for the SDG World Record Certificate

Each Record Must Fulfill All of 

The following Criteria

They must be:

Linked with one of the SDGs

Is it related to a sustainable development goals and its target?

The best in the world

Has anyone else done better?

If a record suggestion is new then the SDG World Record will set a challenging minimum requirement for challengers to beat.


Will there be accurate evidence available to prove it occurred?


How will you know when you’ve reached it?


Can be traced back to impact?

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SDG World Records does not endorse:

  • Violation of the Sustainable Development Goals and their values.

  • Unsuitable activities or those which could cause potential harm or danger to spectators.

  • The record based on two or more superlative and measured in one unit of measurement. (you can seperate applications)

  • Frivolous or meaningless Record-breaking Challenge

  • Illegal activities in pursuit of record breaking.

  • Against purpose of the SDG World Records or being at reputational risk.

Reporting Violation, please email to

The policies are regularly reviewed and updated in collaboration with expert organisations and based on feedback from readers.

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