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SDG WR Fund for NGO

Community Involvement

SocietyNext Foundation

Supports NGOs

Social Purpose Reactivation

During these unprecedented times, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, we have seen almost every organization across the world deeply affected – and that certainly includes non-profit and non-government organisations (NGOs).


How can we hope to re-activate community programs in a post-pandemic world? Social purpose initiatives can help create unique, engaging experiences that bring volunteers and sponsors back.


The SDG World Records program is the very first world record program dedicated to verifying future-proof, SDG-related accomplishments. By breaking records, you can draw the eyes of the world to your community and your efforts.

SocietyNext ( Foundation’s wider purpose is to make meaningful contributions to unmet societal needs - we believe that more record breaking means more sustainability improvements around the world! SocietyNext is therefore delighted to sponsor NGOs/NPOs around the world as they apply for their first SDG World Record certificate in a post-pandemic world.


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  • Any local, registered NGO, anywhere on the globe (excluding corporate foundations)


Reward Items:

  1. SDG World Record eCertificate

  2. Record Certificate URL for verification<RandomAuthCode>

  3. License of the Official Role Logo



  • Sponsored by SocietyNext Foundation


  • Projects must be able to be implemented within 24 months

  • SDG World Records project applications must also be:

    1. Linked to one of the SDG and its applicable target(s)

    2. Verifiable

    3. Measurable

    4. Must involve a “breakable” record

    5. The best in the world

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