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Record Page for Sustainability/ESG Brand Equity

Effective Communications with External Stakeholders

Many users, investors and stakeholders, especially those in the younger generations, have pressed companies to go beyond the standard approach—which measures performance by limiting corporate impact (internal)—and explore ways to actually improve the world around them (external).

To that end, some see the SDG World Record and its reward items as an opportunity to guide organizations toward areas of positive, measurable impact for the sustainable future.

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A Holistic Approach in the Digital Age

Online and offline communication with external stakeholders, when combined, can catapult the impact and effectiveness of both channels. The perfect strategy is one that combines both online and offline communication tools (Official Attempt digital logo, Printed Certificate, Digital Certificate, Record Holder's digital logo on social media and printed materials, unique shortlink ( for digital certificate sharing, etc). There are a number of benefits for doing so…

  1. Better sustainability brand awareness

  2. Increase your credibility

  3. Better sustainable organization transformation

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