SDG Certificate of Competency

Tapping into Your Sustainable Career

As the world faces the transformative economic, social and environmental challenges of Industry 4.0 and beyond, “Human” (people who work for organizations) not only serves to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to respond to systemic shifts; it also empowers them to take part in creating a more inclusive, eco-friendly and sustainable world.

In the future, tasks that are currently being performed by humans will drop from 71% to 48%. This will mean a major shift in quality, location and permanency for the new roles. Employees will need to upskill in order to fully harness these growth opportunities.

Without environmental/social purpose, companies fail to make the investments needed for long-term growth. Sustainability requires a company to be a force for good. This means good for society, the environment, and the business’s bottom line. Therefore, it is critical for leaders to tap into that ever-expanding talent pool for sustainability.

Sustainability drives organisations to invest in and

deliver a full spectrum of sustainable jobs.

Employee motivations are changing, and people need to feel they are doing something worthwhile. There needs to be meaningful purpose in work, a broader meaning besides the pay cheque.

To thrive in a sustainable economy, businesses need employees with a new range of skills. They need people who can:

  • transform and apply new business models for sustainable business;

  • proactively engage in disruptive innovation; and

  • promote innovative sustainable solutions with external key stakeholders


Learning by Doing

So how can you take charge of your own upskilling for a sustainable career?

Upskilling employees to integrate SDGs in decision-making addresses the need of organisations and their people to learn and adapt over time. The practice helps leaders and employees to be able to “think outside the box” and solidify competencies ever more needed in today’s era of digital and societal disruption.

Learning by doing works after you’ve already gained some familiarity with the content. It works because the technique calls you to actively engage with the material and generate the knowledge yourself, bit by bit, chord by chord.

How to Tell Others about Your Accomplishment?


Requirements of Unlocking Your Cerified SDG Practitioner:

  • Cerified SDG Practitioner applications must also be:

    1. Earning SDG-related Enough Practical Hours (table below)                                       from Endorsed NGOs/Communities/Organziations

    2. The Practical Hours can be for one SDG or different SDGs

    3. All entries must be submitted via the online entry form

    4. pplication must be submitted before 1 month of unlocking 



  • Person who wanna differentiate yourself thru sustainability in a competitive job market.  No matter the level within company or community.

Reward Items:

  1. License of Logo of the Certified SDG Practitioner

  2. Certified SDG Practitioner Certificate PDF

  3. Certified SDG Practitioner Certificate URL<RandomAuthCode>

If you have additional questions about the Certfied SDG Practitioner,

please email