Digital Communication Tools

For NGOs/NPOs/Social Enterprises

Volunteer participation is the engine that runs our society. It’s not just churches and non-profits who need volunteers – it’s every professional association, school, fire department, library, sports team, hobby group, and community pea patch. Everyone needs to increase both the number of volunteers and their retention.


Attracting new volunteers can be difficult because people see how much time and commitment is needed, and they worry that they don’t have the personal resources to contribute.


Generation Z is about to become the largest population in the world. When it comes to community service, sustainability, and the SDGs, Generation Zs are hungry for change. According to research firm McKinsey, the “Truth” is at the root of all Generation Z behaviour.


So how can you attract volunteers through leveraging their tech-savvy characteristics?

The Digital Communication Tools of SDG World Records aim to support NGOs/NPOs/Social Enterprises in communicating effectively with potential and existing volunteers. The tools include:

  1. Easy to Understand Shorten Link (

  2. All-in-One MiniPage for all event/project info

  3. Real-time Statistics of volunteer connection


In the age of information, the Easy to Understand Shorten Link ( was created to capture a volunteer’s attention and has the added benefit of being easy to remember.

The All-in-One MiniPage ( for each event or project is to ensure communication is streamlined. The MiniPage empowers non-technical makers to create/update multi-content items e.g., YouTube videos, documents, social media links, etc on a single event/project web page for effective communication.

Real-time Statistics makes it easy to understand how your event or project communication volunteers are connecting with your content, so you know what’s working and what’s not and can adjust the communication approach quickly.


The Tools fee has been waived for SDG World Records’ NGO/NPO/Social Enterprise (SE) members that will help you to have a holistic volunteer engagement approach that aligns with non-profits’ missions, values, and goals to increase volunteer attraction, conversion, and retention.

If you have run SDG-based events/projects, please let us know! We would love to share your successes and look forward to including photos and ideas from right across the world.

If you need more support, have questions about attraction, or suggestions (including additional resources) for the toolkit, please email us at /